Testimonials about Rocknation by CD stores, advertisers, readers and the music related industry.


In this constantly changing industry, ROCKNATION has proven to  be an excellent way to get your name and message out there in the 

real world….where it counts…! 

        Beau Hill - Producer (ALICE COOPER, KIX, RATT, WARRANT) Records he produced almost sold 50 million worldwide. 


Rocknation ads tripled our distributed label Perris Records sales for 2007. 

        Sam Phillips Jr., Select-O-Hits-Memphis, TN 


It only took a few hours for customers to pick up all the copies of the latest issue, customers love it. 

        Hastings-Norman, OK 


Rocknation is covering mainstream artist and indie artist, consumers are always looking forward to the next issues. 

        Record Connection-Ephrata, PA 


We have advertised in every issue and will continue, we are receiving a great response nationwide. 

        Houston Records-Houston, TX 


We can't keep these in stock, last issue was gone in a few days. 

        Karma Records-Columbus, IN 


Rocknation has all the bands with great interviews. I live in Sweden so I read every issue online at their website. 

        Andreas Näslund-Sweden 


We can't keep these in stock we go through over 300 copies an Issue. 

        CD Trader-San Antonio, TX 


Why pay for a magazine when you get Rocknation for free with great interviews. 

        Shandi's-Canton, IL 


Customers are buying CDs from artist appearing in Rocknation interviews and advertisements. 

        Avatar Records-Radcliff, KY


ROCKNATION Advertisers include: 

Aeg Live Events, Rock On The Range Festival, 4 Fini, Vans Warped Tour, Rockstar Mayhem Festival, Rockabilla, Hardradio, Rock The Bayou Festival, South Texas Rockfest, TIGI - Bed Head, SAE Institute of Technology, Frontiers Records, Blistering Records, Facedown Records, Warrior Records, Leviathan Records, MacEachern Drums, Killingbird Records, Rat Pak Records, Nightmare Records, Poptown Records, Full Effect Records, Southbound Records, Houston Records, Mace Music, Blast My Music, Lovember Records, Beau Hill and hundreds more.